Australia must cut aid to the Palestinian Authority


I suspect most Australians would be shocked to learn that we give $40 million in aid each year to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Tony Abbott’s call for this to cease should be implemented forthwith (“Abbott urges cut in $40m aid to Palestinians”, 2/01) .

The PA is an organisation which promotes terrorism. It provides generous salaries to terrorists who are imprisoned and cash bonuses to their families. Schools and city squares are named in honour of terrorists.

At the 2016 conference of Fatah, the political movement chaired by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas, a theme song was released which has subsequently been played over 100 times on the PA television channel. Lyrics include the lines: “Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice it…” and “I have no love other than the love of the rifle.”

It is outrageous that Australian taxpayer funds be used to assist these practices and it must stop immediately.