Christian-Egyptian takes aim at Waleed Aly in heartbreaking message


FOLLOWING the horrific terrorist attack that killed 23 inside a Coptic cathedral in Egypt this week, Australian-Coptic, Magy Mansour, sent the following message to influential Australian-Egyptian anchor Waleed Aly.

“Dear Waleed Aly, you seem extremely quiet this week?

Your silence speaks loud and clear. I have watched you fire up the screen countless times in defense of understanding the terrorist; putting aside blame, working towards a unified solution.

I watched you verbalize your disgust of the white past and their treatment of the indigenous people of this country. But now you are silent. You are of Egyptian heritage; no words for us? We the Coptic people; the traditional owners and indigenous people of this great land? No disgust for what’s happening to us? No … Just silence.

That’s ok, we hear you loud and clear!

Magy Mansour

Sydney, Australia”

Magy is right. Waleed’s silence “speaks loud and clear”.

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